Fruit Flavors

Antidote on Ice by Ruthless 
Mango and blue 
rasperry with a kick of menthol to cool you down all summer

Berryade by Sqeez
A blend sour lemon, ripe raspberries 
and sweet strawberries

The Clique by Select Vape

Fresh strawberries, honeydew melons, and mango combined together

Cranberry Apple by LOADED 
A blend of cranberries with crisp notes of red delicious apple

EZ Duz It  by Ruthless
Strawberry watermelon Candy

Fresh Mango by Frooty
Some freshly cut mango slices

Frozen Fruit by Frooty
 A blend of Apple, Pear, Strawberry, and Cantaloupe (with a hint of Menthol)

Fruit Fountain by Big Fat Juice
Fresh watermelon, green apples 
and mixed berries

Fruit Machine by 
 A blend of Mango, Apple, Cantaloupe, and Strawberries

Island Fizz by Bare Naked
A blend of peaches, sweet navel oranges, and guava fruit

Jungle Fever by Ruthless
 A blend of tropical fruits; Pineapple, Mango, and citrus notes

Kiwi Dragon Fruit by Bare Naked
A smooth blend of Kiwi fruit and 
Dragon fruit

Malt Shoppe by Select Vape
A fresh Strawberry 

MANGO by Frozen Custard 
A sweet Mango frozen custard

Melon Milkshake by Loaded
Fresh Melons, sweet milk and a hint of honey

Juicy passion fruit, with mango and notes of grapefruit

Skirrr on Ice by Ruthless
Cirsp apples, honeydew melon, and menthol fused together

Slurricane by Ruthless
A tropical blend of papaya, guava, and juicy peaches

Sour Waterberry by FROOTY
A Sweet and Sour mixture of Watermelon with mixed berries

Spring by Flavor Fog
Strawberry crumble cake

Stixx by Big Fat Juice
Pineapple and cherry popcycle

Strawberry Banana by Vepe Crepes
Fresh cool strawberries with whole ripe bananas and cream

Strawberry Colada by Bare Naked
Fresh Strawberries mixed with Pineapple and Coconut in a juicy pina colada  

Strizzy by Ruthless
Kiwis, raspberries, and strawberries...oh yeahhhhh

Summer by Flavor Fog
Taste the multicolored candy everyone loves 

Swamp Thang by Ruthless
Green Apple hard candy

Thunda by Ruthless
A mix of guava and berries, tropical goodness