Dessert Flavors

Apple Fritter by Loaded 
Scrumptious little 
bites of caramelized apple, crispy dough and a touch of cinnamon. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe by  Vape Crepe
Smooth milk chocolate and toasted Hazelnuts in a Crepe. 

Cinnamon Pretzel by Pretzel Shack
Freshly baked pretzel powdered with cinnamon and sugar. 

Cookie Butter by Loaded

Tastes just like your favorite cookie butter spread with a sugary sweet and savory flavor

Custaberry by Big Fat Juice 
Fresh Strawberries with Frozen Custard

Doughsperado by Select Vape 
Rich glazed doughnut stuffed with fresh strawberries

Glazed Donut by Loaded
A crispy - creamy glazed doughnut

A warm and buttery Caramel  Macchiato cookie

Italy by Foreign
A decadent, 
creamoy chocolate hazelnut spread stuffed inside of a warm sugary zeppole

Key Master by Select Vape
Key Lime frosted cookies, just like the pie, but better

Lemon Bar by Loaded 
Light and refreshing lemon tang infused with sweet powdered sugar completed with freshly baked pie crust

Malt Shoppe by Select Vape
This fresh Strawberry 
milk shake is spot on

Original by Got Cookies 
 Crispy chocolate chip cookies. 

S'mores by Loaded
A blend of 
choclate marshmallow and graham cracker

Spring by Flavor Fog
Strawberry crumble cake

Stixx by Big Fat Juice
Pineapple and cherry 

Strawberry by Got Cookies

Strawberry frosting on a Sugar Cookie

Strawberry Banana Crepe by Vape Crepe 
Fresh strawberries and banana in a warm crepe

Vanilla by Got Cookies

A fresh baked Vanilla wafer cookie

Vanilla G by Big FAT Juice

A fantastic blend of vanilla custard and Graham Cracker - bliss. 

Yogurt Dipped by Pretzel Shack

 A warm and creamy vanilla yogurt dipped pretzel