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A wide range of Vapor Flavors, Tobacco, Cafe, Fruit, Fun!

Smoke Free - Tobacco Free - Butt Free

Stop Smoking those stinky annoying cigarettes

Join the Vapor Movement as a strategy to getting "smoke free".  Slowly reduce your dependency on nicotien and all the other poisonous chemicals delivered by your cigarettes, and enjoy a quality vapor instead!

From the Bar:

  • Tobacco Flavors
  • Barista Flavors
  • Fruit Flavors
  • Candy Flavors
  • Favorite Drink Flavors
  • Specialty Blends

Enjoy the VAPE Environment

Come and learn about new products and flavors, come and hang out in a relaxed, home-like setting.  Meet up with friends, sample the flavors at the  Vapor Bar, create your own blends and enjoy sitting back and watching the latest sports event or concert on one of our three flat screen tv's.



Vapor Bar

Store Hours    

11:00 am to 8:00 pm   (Tuesday Through Thursday)

11:00am to 9:00pm   (Friday & Saturday)


February 1st, 2015

Call 928.254.1856

Look, we're going to be honest here - I get asked all the time if vaping is safe, even healthy....the answer is NO.  And if you're a non-smoker, I really don't encourage it.  The idea behind vaping is to give smokers a less dangerous alternative to cigarette smoking.  The State of Arizona doesn't have a specific limit regarding age and the sales of ecig product, however, we are responsible parents, and as such, we do not sell to individuals under the age of 18, and WE CARD!  Look, when you're an adult you can make decisions regarding your own body, but until then - leave those serious decisions up to your parents or legal guardians.


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